Evolution — January 10, 2016




If we talk about evolution, I don’t think that we should look only at Darwinism as the only thruth. Nevertheless, I personally believe that it is more of a deal for the strongest surviving to continue their species. So at that point the kind gets stronger and the end result is better for nature and the world itself. Everyone learns and gets stronger in time.

If we look at nature, it’s totally understandable, that when a predator goes for prey, the weakest one will be selected, so the system works in the way that even a kind of pray gets stronger. At same time, it is better for a predator species as it needs to spend less energy to continue its kind. So all in all this nature system works perfectly and everyone (except humans**) are naturally adapted to the system.

Problem with humans is that the more I look around and see what’s going on, and everyone does it, but it seems to me, that only a few care or pay attention that our evolution is going the wrong way around. As yes, there are stupid people who can be used and sold (hunted). As is a small percentage of people who get rich because of the first being stupid.

People are being short-minded and dull, because they are basically spitting on life and ignoring their higher potential, which means that those in power can influence the majority of the population and make them do whatever they want, that includes spending money on things, that they probably don’t even need.

And the problem lays in the way that even if, for example, proven facts are given, the majority won’t really care. For example you can tell a smoker or any addict (as I see there are certain things that makes most of people addicted) that smoking is proven to cause cancer and heart disease and that they might die pretty early, but… they will still smoke and continue to do so, as they are too stupid(or just don’t have good reasons to stop) and too weak to give up. The same thing is with meat, dairy and eggs, the knowledge and scientific proof exists that these products can be responsible for the majority of health problems, but the know-nothing population will ignore it and go with the idea of being ill and having to drink pills (yes, somebody is getting loads of money at this point) or at the best – hoping to not get cancer and live long like a few exceptions. Seems no one can give up all of this food and make some changes. As they are bought by good marketing, which gets them to buy garbage, without even thinking of the time they spent to get the money for it. I don’t think we pay money, when we buy something, I think we spend our life (As we have limited time to earn money). What makes another good point that I guess many don’t even think about. For someone it may be four hours of work (their life) to buy a new phone, but for someone else who is buying the same phone, it is worth two months of their life. Is it really worth it? Our willingness to trade our life for things. So we are really trading our life for feelings and expieriences. Sometimes it’s just too much work-time for too short of a feeling because of stupidity and good marketing.

In my life I don’t really care about other people’s choices of mass product consumption, unless it’s my family. For example, I even see good things in the fact that they are so obstinate (they are sold and they seem to be ”Lovin’ it”). Seems that they allow to use themselves. Another fact is that there is a huge potential in some people, but they waste it, which means that others (as myself) have better chances to get better jobs and go further in their life. In some way if they waste their potential then it makes them prey already, even though it was possible to get away and stay alive. If we think about it and be heartless and brutal in some way, we can even find out good ways to get wealth by using stupidity of those people, for example injecting them with the idea (like it is done all the time) that they need to buy something useless, so I can get a new house and three dogs.

So you may ask, what is the problem with having a house and three dogs?

Well, in my opinion there are way too many of those brainless people nowadays, so it allows intelegent, but brutal people to not only get rich but to kill our planet as well. And the main problem is that the world has gotten so far, that at some point it may be irreversible (if it is reversible already).

Conclusion – human evolution is not going the right way at the moment. And if we for once would stop thinking only about humans, then we would understand that by continuing this, we will drown all the nature and our planet in general with only our own race.


* http://www.zazzle.co.uk/funny_evolution_of_man_parody_bumper_sticker-128179304532521640

** Humans tend to kill the best preys as they are worth the most, and taste the best, and we just don’t care, so we spit on natures evolution system in general.